recto verso since 2010

A meeting made of 3 settings to catch the audience.
A team of 9 people.
8 partner associations.
A team of 16 territory players.
45 private partners and 20 contractors.
19 volunteers on D-day.
300 people involved in the event planning.
38 actors, choregraphers, press cartoonists from France and Europe.
110 amateur dancers for the 2010 edition.
22 people representing 11 departments and directorates of local and European institutions.
A frequentation of 3000 people for the 2 previous editions.
More than 19 600 views on Youtube and several thousands of people sensitized in public transportation.

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In 2016, the event took place Saturday 9 May, from 04:00 p.m to 10:00 p.m, at Place Sainte-Croix in Nantes, with a festive and original programming : Alice Ligier, our mc and DJ Chily J and his European mix, La Tribouille and Bienvenue !, Carine Cottineau and Variations for flamencos, and also Fred Louineau & Noémie Jehanne, Jonathan Gowthorpe, Danny Steve, and Nicolas loeilpartoo. Thanks so much to them !

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